The Dialogue Between Literature And the Political –The Political Perspectives of Ruan Ji and Ji Kang





Published date: 

December, 2005


Chung-Horng Lin


This article tries to unfold the political perspectives hidden in the works of Ruan Ji and Ji kang who are the important philosophers of the Mysticism School in Wei-Jing epoch. We may find the coral concerns that dwelled in the sphere of literature through reading and analyzing the articles and poetry of these two philosophers.

We shall analyze the academic position of these two philosophers and discuss the epistemological with ontological understanding found in their Mysticism texts. We shall also deal with several important issues such as “the relationship between individuals and society,” “being and non-being,” ”nature and norms,” “non-action and ideal political leader” and “how and why to get immortal “in this article by attentively reviewing the works of Ruan Ji and Ji Kang. The inside struggles revealed in the poetry and articles of Ruan Ji and Ji kang are definitely indicator of the situations that intellectuals in Wei-Jing had to face with. And we may also figure out what will be the true relation when the individual body interacts with the collective or the regime building. This is no doubt the reason why the philosophers have to seek for personal immortality that is one of the twin options decided by different political perspectives and attitudes.