Personality Traits, Interest, and Partisanship: An Analysis of Sunflower Movement among College Students in Taiwan





Published date: 

December, 2021


Tsung-Han Liao
Lu-Huei Chen


There are many factors that affect college students' political participation, but the factor of personality ignored for a long time. The more researches related to personality and political participation in recent years, the participation of college students in political activities in our country is also valued. Therefore, the topic of how college students' personality affects their political participation is worthy of discussion. This research is based on the theory of the big five personality traits, using the survey data to analyze the possible factors of college students' big five personality traits, partisanship and political interests on their participation in Sunflower movement.
This study found that: personality traits will not affect partisanship, but will affect personal political interests. Personality traits will not directly or indirectly affect the participation in the Sunflower movement after controlling the interaction with partisanship and political interests, but the openness and agreeableness will indirectly affect participation in the Sunflower movement. The higher openness, the higher their political interest will affect their participation in the Sunflower movement; the lower the agreeableness, the higher their political interest will affect their participation in the Sunflower student movement. In addition, students from social sciences related departments are also more inclined to participate in the Sunflower student movement.