Policy networks

Democratic Administration and Network Governance: Theory and Types of New Governance

This study intends to explore the relationship between democratic administration and network governance, and to utilize “units of analysis” to compare and contrast the types of the implications of network governance in four countries including America, Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands. The main argument is that the theory of network governance may serve as a bridge between democracy and efficiency, which the field of public administration is in a dilemma as to pursue the both of goals in the same time.

The Association Between Policy Discourse and Policy Change

The purpose of this article is to address the role and status of policy discourse in policy change. Basically, policy change is assumed to be the interactive effects of three streams of force: deconstruction, construction and strengthened original structure. These three streams of force are expressed by policy actors through policy discourses during the policy making process. Hence, the approach of policy discourse is "a feasible way to observe and analyze the complexity of policy change.

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