The Conditions of Establishing the Common Good in Rural Communities: An Analysis of Villagers’ Responses to Environmental Crisis in Cambodia

Based on the perspectives of Communitarianism, this research examines Cambodian civil society through document analysis, in-depth interviews and field observations conducted in two rural villages in Cambodia. By comparing the two villages, this research explores factors hindering collective actions for common good in the situation that the environmental crisis threatens villagers’ subsistence. The research results show that low education level, low income level, and inherited trauma caused by the Khmer Rouge genocide are factors causing villagers’inactions.

From the Freedom of Speech to Communication Rights

The freedom of speech is one of most important human rights. At present days, the freedom of speech is not only accepted universally, but also written into every country constitution. When time goes on, the meaning of the freedom of speech is getting complex and deep. However, as far as communication is concerned, is the freedom of speech the only right that human being could enjoy? The article will review the development of right theories, and claims communication rights basic human rights by communitarianism.

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