Predicaments and Opportunities for Industrial Waste Governance: The Case of Agricultural Land Pollution in Qishan District

Government agencies often face the problem of clarifying causal relationships and regulatory applications in industrial waste disputes. This article uses the case of slag waste pollution on Qishan farmland in Kaohsiung City to explore the dynamic interaction process of power and scientific knowledge production among various levels of government agencies and related organizations. This article adopts the new political sociology of science (NPSS) framework to examine how scientific knowledge, rules and power interact with each other.

Theory and Practice of “Security Governance”: A Study on the Construction and Evolution of ASEAN Security Governance

In the field of International Relations, very few scholars engaged in integrating “security” and “governance” eithe theoretically or empirically. This paper proposes to construct the theoretical concept of “security governance.” Empirically, this paper tends o elucidate the evolution of regional “security governance” in contemporary Southeast Asia. It attempts to discuss the significance of “ASEAN Security Community” proposed in the 9th ASEAN Summit of 2003 and analyze its implication to Southeast Asian security.

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