environmental justice

Exploring the Tseng-Wen Reservoir Trans-basin Water Diversion Project from the Perspective of Environmental Justice

This paper aims to examine the Tseng-Wen Reservoir Trans-basin Water Diversion Project from the perspective of environmental justice, and to explore the disputes on the distribution of interests and environmental risks of the project, and the policy implications of local action. It reveals the multiple perspectives of stakeholders on the project, the various knowledge claims among experts of different disciplines, and conflicts between local knowledge and the experts. The authorities have framed the project as either a water supply effectiveness issue or an economic development issue.

The Environmental Justice Perception of Citizens and Government Officers: A Case for Infectious Disease Prevention in the KKP Region in Taiwan

An indicator for the epidemic infection rate places social pressure on the Sustainable Development Indicators in Taiwan, for the issue of infection disease prevention involves a multiplicity of factors related to the environment, society, the economy, and institutions. From the aspect of public health, geographical medicine and environmental medicine, while a number of researchers have studied the relationship between an epidemic and the environment, few studies have focused on society and the community.

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