community empowerment

Social Innovation Networks in Practice: A Case Study of the Humanity Innovation and Social Practice Project

This paper focuses on analyzing the actor-network which has been built by university and local communities based on the Humanity Innovation and Social Practice (HISP) project. We intend to explore the complicated translation processes between different actors after linking them together. Accordingly, we suggest a new theoretical approach in community empowerment studies, that is, a Bottom-up-Local-Open-Reassembling (BLOR) actor-network.

Community Empowerment and Resource Conservation: Reviewing the Community Forestry Policy in Taiwan

This study explores the nature of community forestry and provides a discussion of its development in Taiwan that was initiated in 2002 with a view to including a cooperative approach to forest resources management with local communities. By the end of 2008, the Forestry Bureau had sponsored more than 1,000 community forestry projects, which promoted the public image of the Bureau.

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